Hi Guys!

These are the craziest times of our lives to date, are they not? Still, there are some amazing people doing some amazing work.

Between politics and pandemic everyone I know is just trying their best to keep their heads on straight and their chins up.

My husband Alan continues to work from home for Sweetwater Music. Thank God he can work from home. For almost a year now I have listened to the dulcet tones of his voice humming, “Hello, Sweetwater Music, this is Alan, how can I help you?”

I have done a few concerts online, and will be doing another this weekend for Trinity House Theatre. If you’d like to hear us live, you can look for us on FaceBook this Saturday, 8 PM eastern, on the Trinity House Theatre page.

You can also keep an eye out for my performance on PBS’s “Songs at the Center”, I may be coming to a TV set near you soon. Times and episodes vary from market to market.

I continue to teach songwriting workshops. All of my workshops have all gone online this year. I’ll be teaching a songwriting workshop along with the members of Diamonds in the Rust, the band Alan and I play with, in April. More to come.

Lastly, I started my own YouTube channel and have been posting one new video each month. The videos are made up of watercolor sketches, each illustrating some part of one of my songs. I’ll get them posted here on the website soon.

I hope you are well, and staying safe, all the best,