Little Bird | Chelsea, Michigan

with Jim Bizer

The winters are increasingly unpredictable. I wrote this after a crazy winter of foot after foot after foot of snow fall here in the Midwest. Every day I watched my husband pull it together and head to work at 7am, dutifully. I wrote the verses for him, and then asked Jim Bizer to add a bridge, because sometimes, you need a little slack. Here we are in Chelsea Michigan.

Hope | come2go ministries

with Alan Finkbeiner

I wrote this song in 2007, as so many struggled to get through massive storms, flooding, poor government response, wars and other social crisis points, along with a world wide recession. It struck me that what Obama had tapped into was the need of people for hope, and the power of that hope.It “set me to thinking” as they say. Here we are singing it in Fort Wayne Indiana, at Come2Go

Any One Thing | Trinity House Theatre

Peformed with Jim Bizer

I started to write this song and realized that the powers that be were sending the words to the wrong person. So I readdressed them and forwarded them to Jim Bizer, where they were properly fitted into this fun song.Here we are singing it in Chelsea Michigan.

Daisy’s in the Bowl | Music Under the Pines

with Jim Bizer

This was a song 20 years in the writing. My father died of lung cancer in 1969. I was too young to deal with it, but in finding ways to sort it all out, I came upon this song. Ben Hassenger filmed Jim Bizer and I playing it at his house concert series in Lansing Michigan.

Pirate’s Live | The Ark

with The Yellow Room Gang

My song assignment was to write a political pirate song. When I am teaching at the Grunewald Guild, or anywhere else, I write a song assignment as well. We had just seen the US Supreme Court hand the election over to Bush 2. It was a ton of fun recording the song for a yellow Room Gang CD, and playing it at the Ark in Ann Arbor Michigan

Fallow Ground | Carrick’s Tiny Barn

with Diamonds in the Rust

Life isn’t a glossy slope, be it up hill or down. I got off track for a while as I cared for my mom, who died of lung cancer, and then uprooted and pushed south to Indiana, when our economy crashed and my husband’s income shrank to a third of what it had been. I couldn’t find time or heart or energy to write and I took on 5- yes 5 part time jobs as we resettled into our new life.This song and CD are about that time.This is a performance with Diamonds in the Rust at Carrik’s Tiny Barn, in Clarkston Michigan.